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Didduser RSD-245/330 Didduser RCD-270/330

․Fine Tube Bubble Membrane Diffuser

․Coarse Bubble Membrane Diffuser

․Honeycombed Bio Contact Material

․Fast coupling and fitting
Above all are also available for inquiry.


High oxygen transfer efficiency:

There are 6000 gas holes which are almost on average on the surface of EPDM membrane, it can form 1-3mm bubbles (tiny¡Baverage¡Bbetter flow rate¡Bbetter flow status), it can also increase the contacting area with waste water. Even for less capacity disc diffuser, the OTE is the same.

Saving power:

Because of high OTE, you can choose the economic blower to meet the DTR requirement of aeration process. OTE can be up to 25% (with condition: under 4M water depth and 2CMH wind capacity).

Excellent function for preventing backflow :

The gas holes can be open and closed easily to prevent back flow phenomenon when the air conveying breaks off. It has good self-cleaning function; bubbles will ascend in a screw status.

Promise long life :

EPDM membrane is a kind of special elastic polymer, which has higher resistance to deformation and elasticity index. Its not traditional injection molding but extrusion forming for the making of membrane. EPDM has low pressure¡Blow resistance¡Blow head loss and other characters.

Application scope:

a. Aeration basin of waster water treatment
b. Aeration for denitrification and dephosphorization
c. Diffuser for waste water treatment of animals
d. Diffuser for deep aeration basin
e. Diffuser for high concentration waste water treatment
f. Diffuser for pure oxygen aeration basin
g. Aeration for fish pool


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