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Air Capacity: 0.1 - 260 m3/min

Roots Blower for RSS type --- 0 -8,000 mmAq.
Roots Blower for RSW/EV type ---- 0-10,000 mmAq.
Roots Blower for Multi- Stage TRS type ---- 10,000 - 20,000 mmAq.

Roots vacuum pump for RSV/EV type: up to -5, 000mmAq.

Belt Driven/Direct-coupling Type of Roots Blower
Air Cooing / Water Cooling Type of Roots Blower
Pressure Type / Vacuum Type of Roots Blower
One / Two Stage Type of Roots Blower
Sound cabinet
OEM / ODM is available

RSS/ RSV Roots Blower Series

RSS-series are standard 3-lobe roots blower , its structure is very compact and have higher running reliability and long life, the inlet sizes are from 1.5" to 14". RSS-series can run under the pressure of 80Kpa without cooling water, and the biggest capacity can be 260 m3/min¡COur company has also developed RSW water-cooling series blower for the pressure between 80Kpa and 100Kpa. So the biggest pressure of two-stage can be 200Kpa. RSV-series are also developed from RSS series, the biggest pressure can be -500mmHg.

RSS and RSV series features:

¡EAdopt high-grade computer-control balance adjustment (G2.5), reduce the vibration and noise.

¡EMachine impeller by 6 coordinates NC shape to improve higher accuracy.

¡EGears have special treatments, and manufactured according to JIS1 gears accuracy.
It can increase the life and decrease the noise.

¡EThere are all lubricant on both end oil tanks, the seal design can not only protect lubricant from pollution and reduce obstacles, but also promise that the gas flow will not be contaminated.

¡EIt can add piston ring and get higher efficiency and longer life.

EV Roots Blower Series

EV series 3-lobe roots blowers are researched and developed on a basis of RSS series, the biggest feature of this blower is high rotation speed( the maximum can be 4000RPM)¡Bhigh capacity. With the breakthrough of technology and the modification of practical application, EV series bowers have higher efficiency¡Bhigher pressure¡Blower weight and other features. The inlet sizes are from 2.5¡¨to 14¡¨. The pressure of single blower can be 1 kilogram.

EV series features:

High efficiency:
Great linear structure of impellers, reduce sectional area of rotors to improve capacity of blowers.

Low vibration:
High grade of balance accuracy (G2.5) can control the vibration of X¡BY¡BZ coordinate

High efficiency:
180 degrees vertical structure between inlet and outlet, reduce its pressure loss of blowers.

High vacuum:
The vacuum of single EV blower can be -500mmHg, and the two- stage EV blower can be -650mmHg.


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