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Heywel Mechanical Co.,Ltd is a leading and professional manufacturer of Roots Blowers, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Positive Displacement Blowers, Dry vacuum pump, Booster and its relevant products and applications in Taiwan.

We supply them at very competitive prices and of optimum quality, we are having our manufacturing plant in Taiwan and Mainland China and we export our products to all over of the world.

Our products have been proved to have a very long and enduring life besides delivering a very efficient performance.


․Roots Blowers with Low reveres pressure and Steady pressure.

․Roots Blowers with Low vibration and Low noise level.

․Roots Blowers with Low fluctuation of outlet pressure which to make longer

․lifespan of rotor and gear.


․Air Blower Supply for Waste and Sewerage Treatment Plant.

․Pneumatic & Particle Conveying applications.

․Powder Conveying applications.

․Grain Conveying applications.

․Bio-Gas Conveying applications.

․Air Supply for Electroplating Industry applications.

․Dust/Mud-collecting as vacuum usage applications.

․Paper-Feeding for Tissue and Corrugated Paper Industry applications.

․Dehydration/ Vacuum Packing for Food Industry applications.


Heywel Mechanical Co.,Ltd.

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